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Guard aplication DenzosMind - DenzosMind - 02-25-2019

General Application Format:

1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name)
2. Do you have any Nicknames?
3. How old are you?
4. How many hours do you have on a server?
idk but alot
5. What do you want to do to help the server?
Bring more people to play prison because today there are not many good non op prison servers.

6. Have you ever contributed to Forever Prison?

not yet but if i got the chance i sure will.

7. Describe your previous experience as staff if you have any. (Don't post IP)
i was a guard on prisontech tyler his server so i know the rules and what it takes to be guard.

8. What does it mean to “be staff”
that you help people and let them have a great experience playing on the server.

9. What is your timezone?
CET Central Europian time

10. How often will you be able to play a day? (Time Schedule)
 about 3 to 4 hours

11. Do you speak any other languages? If so please list them.
 Dutch and a bit French

12. Tell us some things about yourself
My real name is Tyren i live in Amsterdam Netherlands i have experience with being a guard and i love helping people i work fulltime for the army in the netherlands and i play minecraft in my freetime because im in the army i know how to be stict when people do inappropriate stuff i hate cheaters and i want everyone to be fair
13. Why do you want to be staff?

Because i enjoy being guard and i like helping people and give then the best experience of the game.

RE: Guard aplication DenzosMind - Matt - 02-25-2019

-1 Lack of Detail/Effort

RE: Guard aplication DenzosMind - NullQubed - 02-25-2019

The application team has decided on your application.

Status - Denied
Reason - Lack of effort/detail in application.

You can apply again in 2 weeks.

~ Null