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Server Rules
Take your time and read ALL the rules. Failing to do so and breaking them in-game may result in a temporary or permanent ban depending on the offense. Rules are subject to change and may be changed without warning. Make sure to check for any changes so you can enjoy your experience without any problems.

*Keep in mind that the rules are subject to change. In order to stay up-to-date, we recommend that you reread the rules weekly*

Interaction with Admins

Admins are here to help you, do not argue or provoke them, follow the rules, and when requesting an admin try to explain yourself the best way. Follow what the admin says even if it is not specified in the rules and do not start arguing with them, if an admin breaks a rules or being extremely rude to you, you may report him on the forums. Remember that the admins are administrating to make your experience and play time better, please respect them (as well the other players on the server).

General Rules

- DO NOT disrespect/harass/troll/be prejudice towards your fellow players.
- DO NOT hack/exploit/cheat.
- DO NOT chat spam. (send massive/repeated messages constantly)
- DO NOT Impersonate staff members.
- DO NOT disconnect to avoid any punishment.
- NO ADVERTISING OF ANY KIND. (links in chat)
- DO NOT attempt to find or take advantage of loopholes in our rules. This will result in a swift and severe punishment
- No offensive/inappropriate names
- If a staff member tells you to do something, listen. Staff are here for a reason.
- Staff word is FINAL.(If you think the staff is misunderstanding you, or missing any important information, report it on the forums.)
- DO NOT create AFK farms or lag machines.
- DO NOT use hacked clients as they are strictly prohibited. Zero tolerance!
- Owning two black market stalls is against the rules. If caught owning another stall on an alt, the stall will be removed.
- If you are found exploiting any glitches/bug/map breaks it will result in a 30 day ban.
- DO NOT use a bm stall as an alternative to a prison cell.
-DO NOT kill yourself on an alt to claim your bounty. *will receive a punishment if caught*
-DO NOT block-glitch anywhere. *will receive punishment if caught*

Player Interaction

- DO NOT tell people to kill or harm themselves, or intentionally encourage this in any way.
- DO NOT conduct any IRL transactions between players.
- Do NOT threaten anybody with, or conduct, a DDoS attack or any related attack. Giving out anybody else’s personal information is strictly prohibited. Anything you personally would not want out in the public is a good standard to go by.
- There are younger people on the server, so please try to watch your language. Use common sense, and use profanity in moderation.

Allowed Mods

- Optifine
- Armor Status HUD Mod (5zig, etc)
- Shaders Mod
- Build schematic mods without print ability
- Better Sprint (only forward better sprint, no side way one)
Any mods that are not listed here are NOT ALLOWED. Remove them before playing.

Banned Items

Ender Chest*
Brewing Stand*
Sticky Piston*
All Rails*

Lava Bucket* 
Blaze Rod*
Magma Cream*
Ender Pearl*

*Not banned in free world

Plot Signature Rules

-Any staff member is allowed to, with an Admin's help, give someone a plot signature of their own design.
-Any staff member is allowed to, with an Admin's help, remove their signature from any given plot, after providing proof of consent from the current plot owner.
-Plot signatures are transferable through plot purchases.
-Plot signatures are also transferable individually, but only with demonstrated proof of consent from a) the plot owner, and b) the recipient plot owner. Consent of signature owner is optional, but recommended, unless you want to run the risk of receiving a removal request.
-Former staff, whether they step down or are demoted, do not reserve the right to remove, or oversee transfer, their signatures from/between any given plot(s).
-Staff members are allowed to sell their signature to players for in game money. If the staff member wishes to have the signature removed, they must refund the plot owner in full and have consent from the current plot owner, regardless of whether the plot owner is the same person to whom the signature was sold.
-Plot owners are allowed to know the correct value signature on their plot borders were assigned by staff, upon a given transfer.

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