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Pure Niobium Crucible
About Us                                
Our History
With main products of titanium and titanium alloy plate, high precision tolerance titanium and titanium alloy bar, medical used titanium and titanium alloy rod, Baoji Hong Ya Da Nonferrous metal materials Co., ltd is also specializing in processing, marketing and distributing tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium materials and other nonferrous metals in forms of plate, bar, tube, wire, pipe fittings and so on.
It was located in China titanium Valley鈥擷uguang Industry Zone Baoti New Area Weibin District Baoji city. Depend on superior natural resources, convenient transportation, excellent quality, credible reputation, we have successively established business relations with friends both domestic and abroad.
Our main Products include:
1.Titanium and titanium alloy  plate/sheet銆乼ube/pipe銆乥ars/rods銆亀ire銆乺ings銆? forges銆乤node and etc.
2. Molybdenum plate, bar, disc, tube, wire, boat, crucible, and so on.
3.Tungsten plate, bar,tube, wire, boat, crucible, and so on.
4. Niobium plate, bar,tube, wire, boat, crucible, and so on.
5.Tantalum plate, bar,tube, wire, boat, crucible, and so on.
6. Clad materials Ti/steel clad plates, Ni/steel clad plates, Zr/steel clad plates, Al/Cu clad plates, Steel/Ss clad plates, Ti/Cu clad plates and bars, and etc. Pipe and Fittings  pipeline銆乫langes銆乪lbows銆乻tub-end銆乫asteners銆乻crew銆乶ut銆亀asher, and etc.
Product Application
Our product has been widely used in fields of aviation, aerospace, Industry equipment, petroleum chemical, automotive and so on.
 In order to guarantee quality, we entrust the authoritative organization Northwest Institute For Non-Ferrous Metal Research and Baoti Test Center to do test of chemical composition and mechanical property of each order.  
 Welcome you visit us and give us opportunity to be of service. For more details, please visit our website www.hydmetal.com.
Pure Niobium Crucible

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