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China Manual Rail Cart factory
The manual transfer carts have no power and are meant to be pulled or towed by another powered transfer cart or a forklift of adequate capacity. They are a cost-effective choice of acquiring another powered transfer cart. For on-rail types, a winch can be applied to move trailers. Pull type mobile manual transfer cart are versatile and can be easily customized to suit the applications.

Henan Perfect Handling Equipment Co., Ltd's products of the manual transfer carts include advantages and features to meet the needs of all major industries including Automotive, Basic Metals, Heavy Manufacturing, Rigging, Stamping, and more.

Application of manual transfer cart :
Our "light-duty" manual transfer cart is ideal for warehousing, light manufacturing, and automotive assembly plants.
Our "medium-duty" manual transfer cart is a proven manual transfer cart used for a wide range of applications and all industries. The majority of the units manufactured range in capacity from 5 Ton to 50 Ton.
Our "heavy-duty" manual transfer cart is designed for handling the large and heavy loads found in the steel, automotive and heavy manufacturing industries. With load capacities that range from 50 ton to 300 ton and they designed for the toughest job. In addition to designing the trailer to handle the load, they are designed for impact loading by overhead crane. In short, these manual transfer carts are designed to withstand the punishment of heavy industry.

Packaging & Shipping of manual transfer cart :
For length is less than 6m, the width is less than 2.2m. Electricity Transport Car will be transported by 20ft container. If the length is longer than 5.9m and less than 12m, it will be transported by 40ft container. If the quantity is 2 sets or 3 sets, they can be transported by full container. If the quantity is 1 set, it can be transported by LCL Container.
*If the length is less than 12m, the width is beyond 2.2m. Electricity Transport Car needs to be transported by the flat rack (20 or 40 ft). If the equipment is beyond the above dimension, and quantity needs to consider bulk cargo.China Manual Rail Cart factory

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