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Guard Rules
In-game rules to be enforced for Prisoners: 

1. General
a. The Basics
First and foremost, your job as guard is to ensure the integrity of the server and the quality its players’ gaming experiences.
- Read and be ready to enforce all rules in both the server rules thread and in this thread.
- If a player violates a rule such that they earn a universal Player/IP Ban, you are to tempban them for 24 hours and report the infraction to an admin with proof of said infraction.
b. Repeat offenders
- A repeat PvP-related or chat-related offense is defined as a PvP/chat-related offense which happens twice in a 10-minute period, or twice during a given guard’s time online. If a prisoner goes 10 minutes without violating any PvP/chat rules, the warnings you’ve issued to them shall be nullified.
- A repeat bannable offense is any infraction which if repeated warrants a ban (whether that be a tempban or a Player/IP Ban) which occurs multiple times within a 24-hour to 1-week period (this period is up to a given staff member’s discretion [take into account the severity of the infraction!]), or multiple times during a staff member’s time online.
c. Guard piling
 Multiple guards are not allowed to combine warnings for a given player for PvP-related offenses. Example: a prisoner is warned ( PvP warn 1) for PvP by Guard A. Guard B is not allowed to follow up with warning #2 if they are PvP’d once by the same player ( PvP warn 2) : Guard B must issue their own PvP warnings. The same applies for /jail commands for PvP-related infractions.
- Multiple guards are allowed to combine warnings for a given player for non-PvP related offenses. Example: a prisoner spams the public chat and is warned by Guard A ( spam warn 1). Guard B is then allowed to warn the next infraction from the same prisoner as ( spam warn 2). The same applies for /jail commands for non-PvP-related infractions.
- If a prisoner commits an offense which warrants a ban, any Guard present is allowed to carry out the ban, as long as one of you provides proof of the given infraction.

2. Attacks
If a prisoner hits you using weapons (Anything that does more than 1.0 damage [sword, bow, tools, Shuluu’s emerald, etc.]), kill them. If you’re hit by anything else, use your guard baton (knockback stick). If you’re hit by a prisoner and you cannot determine whether you were hit with a weapon (e.g., if you were hit from behind), hit the prisoner away with your baton.
-If a prisoner hits you with his fist or another non-weapon 3 times or more at one time you may kill them if they safe zone they get a pvp warning and after the first warning if they do it again you must jail them for 10 minutes.

3. PvP
If you see a prisoner(s) pvping with another prisoner(s):
Fair PvP is defined as PvP where one or all prisoners involved are using weapons (see weapon definition as specified in rule 1) to fight each other.
Noob PvP is defined as PvP where all prisoners involved are using non-weapons to fight one another.
- If you see players PvPing each other without weapons (see rule 1 for weapon definition) (Noob PvP), you can hit them away from each other with your guard baton unless all players involved have requested no guard intervention. You do this a total of three (3) times. If they continue fighting after that, you may kill them.
- If one or more prisoners is/are attacking (an)other prisoner(s), and the other prisoner(s) is/are trying to avoid confrontation, you can kill the attacker(s).
- If both/all prisoners are fighting one another, kill them unless all combatants have consented to battle and requested no guard intervention.
- If while multiple prisoners are PvP-ing you one or more prisoner(s) run(s) away, don’t chase after them; focus on the prisoner(s) still fighting you and jail the runner(s) for 3 minutes if they escape for more than 45 seconds.
- If a/some prisoners run while fighting you and you are killed, and you return and they are still pvping eachother you can jail them and the runners from that fight.
- If a player is wearing (Armor) Next to a safe zone you may stand there and wait for them to leave if you feel as though they are safe zone camping you may jail them for 5 minutes.

4. Fair Chance
Before you start a countdown for a sword or bow, make sure the prisoner is within a few blocks.
- If they are running while you are trying to count them down, tell them in chat to stop. You
cannot always assume the prisoner has seen you.
- If you start the countdown and they start running away, jail them for 5 minutes.
- If they try to PvP you during the countdown, kill them.
- If they try to PvP you during the countdown and safezone during PvP, refer to Rule 5.

5. Prisoner Safezone Troll/Running
If a prisoner hits you with a weapon more than once and runs back into the safe zone, warn them for “Safe zone abuse/troll”.
- Example: Prisoner hits you three times while you are counting down for a sword and
jailing; State Safezone (SZ) troll 1. If the same prisoner continues to hit you like this, “safezone troll
2”. If they continue past a 3rd warning, use /out on them and Jail the prisoner for 7 minutes if they don’t cooperate.
- If you call a player out of the safe zone with /out and they store their stuff in an Ender Chest to avoid losing it upon death, you are to jail them for 7 minutes.
- If 3 or more players are sz-trolling you and you have warned one of them, warn the rest of them once, and if they continue sz-trolling you, jail all of them for 7 minutes.
- If any prisoner(s) is/are PvPing you and run(s) away while you are trying to PvP them, try and catch them (‘catch’ is defined by hitting them with one of your weapons). If you are unable to catch them for more than 45 seconds, jail them for 3 minutes.

6. Riots
If 2+ prisoners are punching you, and you’ve tried knocking them back several (2 or more) times with your baton, you have the right to use your sword to kill them. It doesn’t matter if they were all slapping you with a fish.

7. Spammers/Excessive Caps/Flaming
Spam is defined as a player stating a message in public chat 3 or more times in a row, or rapid-firing messages in public chat such that other conversation is drowned out. Issue a warning for each instance.
Excessive caps is defined as excessively dodging the caps lock filter, such that other conversation is obscured. Issue a warning if necessary. Mute the player for 5 minutes if they continue after 3 warnings, 10 minutes for repeat offenses after three additional warnings.
- If after three (3) warnings the offender continues spamming in public chat, mute them for 5 minutes. If they continue spamming further, warn them up to 3 more times, then if they continue, mute them for 30 additional minutes. For each mute, acquire screenshot proof of their spam.
- If a player is spamming you in private or gang messages, warn them over that medium up to three times. If they continue, tempban them for 30 minutes. If they continue further, tempban them for 2 hours. For EACH tempban, take a screenshot of their spamming and of your ban, and report the incident to an admin and/or on the forums.
- If a player is spamming another player over private or gang messages, have the player being spammed obtain screenshots and show them to you, for proof. Tempban the spammer for 2 hours if and ONLY if proof has been provided by the other player, and report the incident to an admin/on the forums with said proof.
- If a player starts a flame war in public chat with any other prisoner(s), you are to warn them once. If they continue, mute all who continue for 5 minutes. If they continue flaming after this, mute them for 30 minutes.

8. Swearing
You are not allowed to swear on the server we do have a filter to help with this, nor are any players if you catch a player swearing on the server and bypassing the filter you are allowed to tempmute them for 48 hours. Each time they do this the time is doubled.

9. Possession of Drugs
Anyone caught with drugs in hand can be jailed for 7 minutes. You do not have to ask them for it with /drugs, but you should announce that you've jailed them for possession of drugs.

10. Player Reports
If a player uses an in-game player report via /report , and you are unable to assist with said report, forward a screenshot of the report to an admin.

11. Mine Blocking and AFK/Lag Machines
If you see a prisoner placing blocks on top of a mine, or building/utilizing any AFK/Lag machine(s), they are to be jailed for 30 Minutes upon first offense, and tempbanned for 24 hours upon additional offenses. You should then post on the forums or alert an admin in discord/temspeak to have the blocks/machine(s) removed.

12. Advertising
Advertising is defined as successfully (aka dodging the advertisement filter) sending a URL (where it’s possible to buy some product) or a Minecraft server IP (unless the link/IP pertains to ForeverPrison) either to the public chat or to someone over /msg or gang chat. If someone advertises on the server, warn them exactly once. If they advertise again, you are to obtain screenshot(s) and tempban them for a day. Report the instance on the forums with proof for an admin to decide how to handle the offender from there.

13. Disrespect/Discrimination/Threats/Bullying
Disrespect is defined as libel, slander, excessive/unnecessary rudeness, and/or harassment towards you or any other player/staff member, in public chat or otherwise.
Discrimination is defined as intentional derogatory and/or inflammatory ad-hominem rhetoric against a/some member(s) of a perceived collective.
Bullying is defined as telling people to kill or harm themselves, or intentionally encouraging this in any way.
- If you see a prisoner who is disrespecting you or anyone else you are to warn them 1 to 3 times depending on the severity of the given disrespect. If they continue, tempmute them for 30 minutes. If they continue further (or if they are harassing players via /msg), obtain screenshots of the chat and tempban them for 1 day. You are to report the instance on the forums (or on the staff discord/teamspeak), with proof. An admin will then decide how to handle the problem further, if necessary. All bans for disrespect are to be reported with proof.
- If you see a prisoner who is discriminating against you or anyone else you are to warn them once. If they continue, tempban them for 1 day, obtain proof of the incident, and report it on the forums/to an admin.
- If you see a prisoner threaten to DDOS someone, threaten someone with any kind of IRL attack or harm, or release/threaten to release personal information of any kind which is not their own, you are to tempban the perpetrator for 1 day and report the incident on the forums/to an admin with proof. (If they give out personal information, you may choose to warn them up to 1 time before temp-banning them.) [Exception examples : "I am going to kill you", "I am going to hunt you down "]
- If you see a prisoner bullying you or another prisoner/staff member, warn them once for verbal abuse. Mute them for 10 minutes if they continue and obtain proof. Tempban them for 1 day if they continue further, obtain proof, and report the incident on the forums/to an admin.

Rules for Guards to Follow:

1. Knockback Stick Abuse:
You are not to use your knockback stick against a player unless it is to prevent them from PvPing others or yourself. If you see PvP in the spawn area on the stairs or upper levels, you are not to knock players in the direction of spawn; position yourself to knock them into the open (PvP areas).

2. Guard PvP
If you are on duty you are not to hit any other on duty guard, unless both of you have publicly consented to a battle and no other players are PvPing or breaking the rules (see previous rules). If you are seen hitting another guard while both of you are on duty, the attacking guard will receive a warning. If you are PvPing during a riot and you accidentally hit a fellow guard, that’s fine. Only Guard PvP that is done on purpose is punishable. If a riot is in progress and you are on-duty you may not join normal prisoners in the riot against another guard. If you are off duty, if you want to pvp an on-duty guard, remember to turn clan FF to the appropriate setting.

3. Split Up
You don’t need to be piled into one block. If you see a guard doing perfectly okay on his own at C, go check on a different block.

4. Set An Example
Be a good sport, be respectful, be helpful, answer prisoner questions when possible, and FOLLOW THE SERVER RULES! If you aren’t following them, why should others?

5. Leave Your Opinions Behind
Any biased thoughts (whether positive or negative) about another player are to be left behind and should never affect your guarding.

6. Ban Times
You are only allowed to tempban for 24 hours MAX. Always Include your ign at the end of a ban.

7. Guard/Staff Disrespect/Discrimination/Abuse/Bullying
- If you see a fellow staff member disrespecting, discriminating against, threatening, and/or bullying other players/staff, obtain screenshots of the incident and report it to an admin/to another admin. See above for definitions of disrespect and discrimination.

8. Ban Threatening
Threatening to ban someone to attain any item or favor, be it a sword or lava bucket, is strictly prohibited. You may only jail someone for not giving a sword/bow. If you do see a prisoner in possession of an illegal item, you are to report it to a admin, and that is all. You shouldn’t warn the player that you’ve reported them, as this can make them try to give the item away or attempt to hide it.

9. Scamming/Stealing
As a member of staff or guard you are not allowed to scam igm/steal items from any player for any reason. This includes stealing from plots and abusing access to others’ accounts.

10. Intentional Chat Spam / Caps
Excessive use of caps and/or chat spam will result in a warning. Failure to adhere to the same rules and failure to acquire proof of spamming in the event of a mute will result in a warning.

11. No grudges!
-If you are killed in combat, all PvP-related warnings you have issued shall be nullified. Chat-related warnings (disrespect, spam, etc) shall not be nullified.
-If a prisoner kills you, you cannot respawn, go on-duty and immediately ask for their weapon with /sword or /bow.
- If you return to the area on-duty and see the weapon again, you can ask for it.
- You cannot kill the prisoner who killed you for revenge if they are not PvPing.
- If you see the prisoner PvPing again, refer to Rule 2.

12. No abuse!
-If you intentionally abuse players with your weapons (e.g., hitting someone back with a sword when they only hit you with their fist), you will be warned.
-If you are fighting a player and someone is watching on the sidelines, try to direct the battle away from the spectator so you don’t accidentally hit them, or if you think they will get caught in the crossfire of your battle, try hitting them away with your baton. Targeting spectators is not allowed!
-Jailing/killing/muting/tempbanning players for ANY reason without adequate warning and/or without adequate proof and/or without probable cause is strictly prohibited, and will result in a warning to you by an admin.
-Jailing/muting/tempbanning for the incorrect time as per a given infraction is prohibited, and will result in a warning.
-If you are PvP-ing people, you are not allowed to run away and toggle /duty for fresh guard items. DIE WITH HONOR!!! (Doesn’t count if the prisoner[s] you’re fighting run away.)

13. Do not Spam drop items on staff, this will result in a 2 minute jail period that will be issued after 20 items+ have been dropped.
- If you drop less the guard can decide if it is a situation where it has purposefully been done. 

This list is likely not exhaustive, and if at any time the admin team believe a player's actions to have negative effects on the network, on another player’s gaming experience, or think a player’s rhetoric to be disrespectful to staff and/or towards other players, the admins are well within their rights to remove that player from the network. That includes YOU, guard!

Jail Times:
These are the times that are to be followed. No exceptions!

Refusing to give sword/bow: 5 Minutes
Safezone Troll/Hiding Items after being outed: 7 Minutes
Placing Blocks on the top of mines: 30 Minutes
Possession of Drugs: 7 Minutes
Running during PvP: 3 Minutes
For repeated offenses add 2 minutes, but the given offenses MUST be within 10 minutes of one another.

Guard Commands:

/guard off/on : Toggle your guard status in chat/in player list.
/duty : To go on or off duty.
/guards : See if other guards are online.
/sword IGN, /bow IGN, /drugs IGN : Initiates a countdown for a player to turn over the specified item (see command).
/out IGN : Calls a player out of a safezone.
/refresh : Clears your non-hotbar inventory slots.
/vanish or /v : activates vanish. For trusted guards only.
/jail IGN jail TIME : This will jail a player. (note: For 5 minutes just do 5m, m = Minutes; s=seconds, h=hours, d=days)
/mute IGN TIME REASON : This will mute a player (Again, m = Minutes, etc.).
/tempban IGN TIME REASON-YOUR IGN (m = minutes, h = hours, d = days. You are only allowed up to one day, 1d).

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